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Brian Blessed - Online Memorial Website

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Brian Blessed
68 years
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He was a magical man, with a magical tan, and a real understanding of ham.O. Winfrey

                    This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Brian 'Guffer' Blessed who was born on October 9, 1938 and passed away on October 7, 2007. You will live forever in our memories, hearts and faces.

He died the way he lived, screaming.

Brian was tragically killed on the set of 'The Flamtrabulous Misadventures of Barnabus St Lovehorn' which was filming in Ghana.
He was crushed by an overly amorous rhino.

His legacy will live on.

Brian 'Guffer' Blessed
1938 - 2007
Quick Gallery
On the set of 'Larynx-Man: Speedier Than Thou' Brian as 'Dr Harold Shipman' in 'Shipman: The Disco Years' Brian on the set of 'Carry On Up the Harris'. This is before he grew a beard to hide his lack of chin, which was bitten off several years later.
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